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Ann Marie’s approach is supported by research and practice of many authorities. For decades, experts like Catherine Shaker, Marsha Dunn Klein, Suzanne Evans Morris, Erin Ross, Kay Toomey, Dr. Chatoor and Rowena Benett argued that children should guide the feeding process, with their refusals acting as forms of communication, rather than viewed as a “behavioral feeding issue.”

Catherine Shaker, Marsha Dunn Klein, Kay Toomey, Ellyn Satter, Suzanne Evans Morris (Catherine shaker:Cue-Based and Co-Regulated Feeding in the NICU) (Marsha Dunn Klein OT and expert responsive-feeding therapist, Cohen, Dilfer, Robison ) (Kay Toomey and associates) (Ellyn Satter, nutritionist and behavioral therapist, DIR concepts) (Suzanne Evans Morris, excellent resource for books and DVDs on oral feeding, tube feeding, and more)

Aversion Resources Infant, Toddler and Older Child

Your Baby’s Bottle Feeding Aversion: Reasons and Solutions (Bennett, Rowena 2017)

Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating  (Rowell & McGlothlin, 2015)

Anxious Eaters, Anxious Mealtimes: Practical and Compassionate Strategies for Mealtime Peace (Marsha Dunn Klein, 2019)

Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense (Ellyn Satter, nutritionist and family therapist)

Improving Feeding Outcomes in the NICU: Moving from Volume-Driven to Infant-Driven Feeding (Shaker, 2010)

When Your Child Won’t Eat or Eats Too Much: A Parents’ Guide for the Prevention and Treatment of Feeding Problems in Young Children (Chatoor, 2012)

Additional Feeding Resources for Families, Medical Professionals and Feeding Therapists. (respecting oral, sensory-motor and mouth development for healthy feeding) (world renowned psychiatrist for pediatric feeding disorders) (various research articles/projects- Thoyre, Pados, Park) (bringing light and awareness to pediatric feeding struggles) (written by a parent to help parents) (Melanie Potock 2017 blog for parents and staff, courses, and therapy tips) (Krisi Brackett, excellent parent and clinician resource on pediatric feeding) (Alisha Grogan, feeding guidelines and strategies) (breastfeeding support) 

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