FirstStages Feeding Specialists desires to help you and your child find peace and hope along this journey of learning that feeding can and should be FUN. We know that finances and insurance can add to the stress of the situation and we are committed to minimizing this impact. This is why we have partnered with The BillingSpot. We offer creative solutions to meet your needs and reduce your upfront out of pocket expense. We are an out-of-network provider and we submit the claims for you! Please contact us for additional information on fees and services.

The BillingSPOT

They do the work for YOU! The BillingSpot was founded by a former director of a therapeutic services agency with more than 10 years experience in the industry. The BillingSPOT will verify your insurance benefits and submit all your claims for out-of-network services. Their knowledge and expertise afford speedy results!

Training and Mentoring Feeding Therapists and Parents

We welcome the opportunity to train other feeding therapists to use this method of intervention. We can provide on-site trainings to individuals and groups.

We embrace the chance to provide talks within the community to your parents!

Please contact us for additional information on fees and services.

Teaming About Patients

FREE! We will gladly come to your office to team about a patient, discuss how best to collaborate and unify our message to the family, and to explain this method of therapy. Please contact us to set up a mutually convenient time to treat the child as a TEAM!