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When feeding your infant, toddler or older child becomes stressful and worrisome, something in the feeding process needs to be problem solved.  We are here to offer thoughtful assessment, hope, encouragement, and strategies that will restore peace to the feeding process.  We can help with:​

  • Breast feeding and bottle feeding refusal

  • Transitioning from breast to bottle 

  • Teasing out the role of GERD, food allergens, and/or "ties (TOTs) with feeding difficulties 

  • Coughing, "choking", and/or gagging during feeding attempts

  • FTT, poor weight gain and growth

  • Picky eating, decreased food repertoire (toddler and older child)

  • Medically complex feeding issues due to Genetic Syndromes, Cardiac, Developmental Delays 

  • Transition from Tube Feeding to Oral Feeding

  • Trauma-association From a choke episode, frequent vomit, or aspiration

  • Supporting a positive parent-child relationship around feeding

  • Preventing long-term feeding issues

  • Reducing pain, anxiety and fear for the parent and child with feeding

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Bringing more than 23 years of pediatric feeding experience, we specialize in treating pediatric feeding disorders. We have specialty training in responsive-feeding techniques and believe in the importance of a differential diagnosis and thoughtful approach to addressing "ties" (TOTs). We use a coaching model, so parents are empowered in the feeding process.  We utilize a child-centered and family directed approach to intervention.


Ann Marie has more than 23 years of experience working with complex feeding issues of infants, toddlers and older children. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Marquette University in 1997 and Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Gallaudet University in 1999. Her clinical training and work experience includes NICU, in-patient and out-patient hospital settings, Early Intervention, and private practice. Her years of study and clinical work with infants and children have taught her the importance of allowing the child to teach the "why" behind the feeding difficulties to determine the best first steps to intervention. She believes in close collaboration with parents and other specialists to achieve feeding goals. She enjoys spending time with her husband and five lively boys.


Contact us for your FREE phone-consultation to determine how we can help you to find peace with feeding your infant or older child.

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