"FUN" Feeding Screening Tool

Pediatricians and Specialists!

This is a tool for Pediatricians and other Specialists to use with their patients in order to quickly determine the need for a Feeding Screening or Evaluation by a feeding specialist.

Please contact us to use this with your patients and to train staff for what to look for!

"FUN" Feeding Questionnaire

Feeding Therapists!

FirstStages desires to team with other feeding therapists who share in this child-driven, family-centered approach to treating children with feeding difficulties. This tool affords the feeding specialist and family the opportunity to determine "high-interest", "medium-interest", "low-interest" and "never" foods for the child based on their skills and cues. This drives therapy, helps the child and family to enjoy mealtimes and improves the child's oral feeding skills. If you are interested in piloting this tool and contributing to evidence-based practice, please contact us!

"FUN" Feeding Questionnaire

The Family!

This will be used as a way to understand the family's perspective about their child's feeding issue, a tool for communication of evaluation and treatment with the feeding team (family, feeding specialist and other medical specialists) and a way to track progress.

To complete this intake questionnaire, please contact us!

If you are interested in learning more about this tool and how it can benefit your practice or clinic, please contact us!